In their public life these guys are turntable-virtuosos, playing national and international clubs, pleasing their crowds as much as they are teaching them. Their main issues going under the names of “jetlag”, “dehydration” and “no cab available”. But when dissolving their DJ-identities under their Love The Machines-alias, the efforts turn into different challenges, namely working against the dullness of music in commercials, TV and film, uninspired sounddesigns and dispensable remixes.

As producers for acts such as DJ Hell, Tiefschwarz, Terranova and DJ T, but also providing remixes for Depeche Mode, Die Fantastischen Vier, Grace Jones, Hurts and many more, scoring the shows of Hugo Boss, Bernhard Wilhelm, Michalsky, c-neeon and also Terrence Koh and Carsten Fock, these three Berlin based producers are translating their particular expertises into the routines of commissional work. But not only that. By combining their core competencies, having their finger on the pulse of time, continuously co-determining the zeitgeist with their own releases, they are able to set up a state of the art solution for any purpose, at any time.

This applies to everything that can be enhanced with music. For advertisement, film, fashionshows. They will produce remixes, sound designs, jingles, with a knack for actuality and style, independant of the particular genre. There’s actually nothing these three guys would not be capable of making it sound spectacular.